1) Mourner holding Sefer Torah by Hoshanos; 2) Entering garbage can into Sukkah

  1. Question: [Wednesday, 17th Tishreiy, 5781]

Should a mourner who does not perform the Hakafos of Hoshanos hold the Sefer Torah, or should not participate at all?


This matter requires further analysis, as on the one hand we usually hand the Torah scroll to an individual who is not encircling the Bima, such as one does not have a set of Daled Minim. On the other hand, the impediment against the mourner joining the encircling of the bimah is the joy, and perhaps due to this he should not participate at all, even in the holding of the Sefer Torah, which is the center of the joyous circling. Vetzaruch Iyun! Practically, a number of Gedolei Harabanim have directed the Avel to hold the Sefer Torah during Hoshanos.


Sources: See Michaber 660:2; M”B 660:9; Rabbanim who held that the Avel should hold the Sefer Torah: Rav SZ”A, See Halichos Shlomo Tefila 18 footnote 59; See Nitei Gavriel 56 footnote 3


  1. Question: [Friday, 19th Tishreiy, 5781]

May one enter and leave a garbage can, or garbage bag, into the Sukkah?


Although one may enter the garbage can or garbage bag into the sukkah temporarily for the sake of cleaning up, it should not be left there afterwards to stay and rather should remain outside of the Sukkah. Furthermore, it is best top not enter it into the Sukkah at all, if possible, even when cleaning up, and rather it should be left outside the Sukkah.

Explanation: While I have yet to find any explicit discussion in Poskim regarding entering garbage cans into a sukkah, nonetheless, logic dictates that it is permitted to do so for the sake of cleaning up, just as one would do in his own home to make it both easier to clean and prevent the garbage from falling all over the Sukkah if one were required to transport it outside. However, to have it remain in the sukkah is seemingly forbidden just as we rule regarding dirty pots and pans. Furthermore, it is proper not to enter it into the Sukkah at all, just as is accustomed regarding pots to not enter it at all into the Sukkah.


Sources: See regarding leaving dirty pots in the sukkah: Admur 639:2; Michaber and Rama 639:1; Rambam 6:5; Sukkah 29a; See also Michaber 666:1; Piskeiy Teshuvos 639:2; See regarding garbage cans: Alei Siach p. 183 and Moadei Hagrach p. 237 that Rav Chaim Knaievsky answered that it may not even be entered into the Sukkah for the sake of cleaning; Sefer Chut Shani Sukkos p. 239 that one may enter it for the sake of cleaning; Minchas Dovid 1:11 that one may leave it even inside his Sukkah

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