14 Mitzvos of a haircut

The Kavanos of a Haircut:[1]

One is to intend upon getting a haircut that he is removing the powers of severity, and is fulfilling the Mitzvah of having Peiyos, and the Mitzvah of paying a worker for his job on the same day and the Mitzvah of honoring Yom Tov. One can fulfill a total of fourteen Mitzvos when he gets a haircut.[2]


May a gentile give one a haircut?[3]

Based on Kabala there are those which avoid receiving a haircut from a gentile.


[1]Shaar Hamitzvos brought in Kaf Hachaim 232/15; 581/80

[2]Kaf Hachaim 232/15: 7 negative commands relating to the Peios and beard; One negative command of Bechuko seihem Lo Seliechu; One negative command of Lo Yilbash Gever; One negative command of Lo Savo Alav Hashemesh; One negative command of Lo Salin; One positive command of Beyomo Titen Secharo; If the barber is poor he also fulfills the negative command of Lo Yikra Alecha; One Rabbinical Mitzvah of honoring Shabbos and Yom Tov.

[3]Kaf Hachaim 260/13; Mateh Efrayim-Alef Hamagen 581/105

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