Marital Relations on the night of the Seder

Marital relations: It is forbidden to perform marital relations on the 1st night of Pesach.[1] This applies to the first night of Pesach; it is however permitted to be performed on the second night of Pesach.[2] Some Poskim[3] however rule that in the Diaspora it is not to be performed […]

The Mitzvos of the Karban Pesach

The Mitzvos: There is a total of 16 Mitzvos related to the Karban Pesach, four positive commands and twelve negative commands. These commands involve the Mitzvah of offering the Karban Pesach as well as the Mitzvah of eating the Karban Pesach. These Mitzvos include:   Positive commands: Mitzvah 5/Positive 4: […]

Who is obligated in the Karban Pesach

Who is obligated?[1] Both men and women are obligated in this Mitzvah of offering and eating. [Those who are impure, or are a distance away from Jerusalem, or are uncircumcised, or are a heretic, are exempt from the Mitzvah.[2]] ___________________________ [1] Rambam 1:1 [2] See Karban Pesach Kehilchaso 5-13 Bookmark

The animal used for the Karban Pesach

The animal:[1] Only a sheep or goat is valid for the Karban Pesach. [Majority of people brought a sheep, while a minority brought a goat.] The gender: The gender of the animal is to be a male. If a female animal was separated, it is invalid.[2] The age: The animal […]

The Slaughtering of The Karban Pesach

* This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer Shop Now *As an Amazon Associate I earn from  qualifying purchases. WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Telegram The slaughtering:[1] Where:[2] The animal is slaughtered in any area of the Azarah. When: The animal is slaughtered after midday of the 14th of Nissan, […]

The order of the Karban Pesach on Shabbos

The order on Shabbos:[1] When Erev Pesach falls on Shabbos, the Karban Pesach is nevertheless offered, as it pushes off the Shabbos prohibition. One slaughters the animal, throws the blood, removes the feces and offers the fats on Shabbos. However, any other matters involving the Karban does not push off […]