Halachic Hazards Encyclopedia Letter N

This article is an excerpt from our Sefer  Buy here on Amazon Letter N Name hazards: [Sefer Chassidim/Tzavah of Rav Yehuda Hachassid/Achronim] A. Unsuccessful-Not to name a child with a name that has history of unsuccess:[1] If a number of individuals with the same name have been unsuccessful in life, then one […]

Sukkos draws down the light of the High Holidays

Sukkos draws down the light of the High Holidays:[1] During the High Holidays, we draw down revelations of G-dliness for the coming year. This is likewise drawn down during the festival of Sukkos. The only difference is in regarding the method. That which was drawn down during the High Holidays […]

The cloud of the Yom Kippur Ketores and the Sechach

The cloud of the Yom Kippur Ketores and the Sechach:[1] The Sechach represents the clouds of glory which escorted the Jewish people in the desert. It is also reminiscent of the cloud of incense that was offered in the Temple on the day of Yom Kippur. _______________________________ [1] Likkutei Sichos […]

The Sukkah-An embrace from Hashem

The Sukkah-An embrace from Hashem:[1] Sukkos is the holiday which reveals the inner love experienced on Rosh Hashana. The Sukkah is like an embrace from Hashem. The verse of Min Hameitzar applies on Rosh Hashana while the verse of Merchav Kah applies during Sukkos. That is why the Simcha of […]

The Sukkah corresponds to the Torah

The Sukkah corresponds to the Torah:[1] A Sukkah has a similar shape to the letter Beis, and the Torah begins with the letter Beis. It is due to this reason that we find similarities between the structure of the Sukkah and matters in Torah. For example, its maximum height is […]

The Daled Minim in Chassidus

The Daled Minim in Chassidus A. A Mitzvah of Unity: The Mitzvah of Daled Minim represent unity in many factors: Makes unity amongst the Sefiros of Atzilus:[1] In general the mitzvah of the four species represents unity of the Jewish people, which is apparent in each of the four species […]