Lo Sachmod by Gentiles, Apikores, Hekdish

The law regarding Gentiles, Apikores, Hekdish: Seven Noahide laws – Are Gentiles prohibited from transgressing Lo Sachmod:[1] Some Poskim[2] rule that Gentiles are included within the prohibition of Lo Sachmod, and it is hence forbidden for a Gentile to covet the item of another person, whether Jew or Gentile, in […]

Coveting another man’s wife

Coveting another man’s wife:[1] The prohibition of Lo Sachmod[2] and Lo Sisaveh[3] applies towards coveting another man’s wife, as explicitly stated in Scripture. The definition of the prohibition of Lo Sachmod: Many Poskim[4] learn that the prohibition is against causing and influencing the husband to divorce his wife in order […]