Daily Halacha: Safety precautions for Chanukah lighting-Relevant Laws

This article is an excerpt from  Safety precautions for Chanukah lighting-Relevant laws: A. Introduction: Unfortunately, the month of December is recorded to have the greatest number of house fires throughout different countries in the world, many of which are attributed towards religious lightings which were left unsupervised. Being irresponsible […]

Daily Tanya Monday, 21st Kisleiv: Hakdamas Hamilaket-Authors introduction to Tanya-Part 1

Buy Now-The Daily Tanya Summary Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Sign up for Daily link via Whatsapp Sponsor an Episode Hakdamas Hamilaket-Authors introduction to Tanya The novelty of the Tanya over other Sefarim in Avodas Hashem (LY) 21st Kisleiv   Title of introduction: The Alter Rebbe titled the introduction “Hakdamas Hamilaket” which […]