The Prohibition of Orlah

The Prohibition of Orlah: A fruit tree which is planted is to have three years counted from the time of its planting. All the fruits which it grows throughout those three years is prohibited forever[2] not only in eating but in deriving any form of pleasure from them.[3] ______________________________________________________________ [2] […]

Throwing out the garbage on Shabbos

Garbage-Moving a garbage bag or garbage bin:[1] The moving of a garbage bag or a garbage bin on Shabbos enters into the question of whether it has the status of Muktzah, and if so, under which circumstances it is permitted to be moved under the rule of Geraf Shel Reiy, […]

The status of a Kohen who is a Challal

The status of a Kohen who is a Challal [born from forbidden relations]:[1] A Challal is a Kohen who is desecrated from his priesthood position, and is hence not considered like a non-Kohen regarding all matters, as we will explain below. A. Who is defined as a Challal?[2] Biblical-Issureiy Kehuna: […]