Washing hands in river

Washing ones hands in a river:[1] It is permitted to stand on the bed of the river and wash ones hands in its water. There is no prohibition involved in the removal of the water which is on his hands from the river onto the bed being that the river […]

4. Bathing/Showering with cold water

This article is an excerpt from To purchase this Sefer, click here 4. Bathing/Showering with cold water: A. The law and custom: The letter of the law:[1] Being that hot water [from the] springs of Tiberius are permitted for one to even dip his entire body inside of, as the decree […]

Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Miscellaneous Shabbos Prohibitions Gozez/Shearing: Halacha 1: The Av Melacha-Shearing wool from skin: One who shears [hair/wool] whether from alive or dead animal, whether from a domestic and wild animal, even from skin that has been removed, is liable [for a sin offering]. Doing so is amongst the principle […]

Chapter 330

Chapter 330 The Laws of a Yoledes on Shabbos Halacha 1 Like a dangerously ill person: A Yoledes [woman in labor] is [considered] like a dangerously ill person and one [thus] is to desecrate Shabbos on her behalf for all of her needs. [Thus the following may be done:] Calling […]

Chapter 329

Chapter 329 For whom may one transgress Shabbos Halacha 1 Extinguishing a lethal fire : Any life threatening situation overrides [the] Shabbos [prohibitions], and whoever is quick [to transgress in order to save a life] is praised. Children or sick people are endangered: Even if a fire ignited in a […]

Chapter 328

Chapter 328 The laws of a sick person on Shabbos Introduction: The following chapter will discuss the laws of treating illnesses on Shabbos. Healing on Shabbos is in it of itself a Rabbinical prohibition even when done without any other Shabbos transgressions. At times healing is allowed even when it […]

Chapter 327

Chapter 327 The laws of smearing on Shabbos Introduction: The following chapter will discuss the laws of smearing oil on one’s body. The problem with doing so at times is that it falls under the decree made against healing. In continuation of this the laws of oiling leather will also […]

Chapter 326

Chapter 326 The laws of bathing on Shabbos  Introduction: The following chapter will discuss the laws of bathing and showering on Shabbos. There is a difference between hot and cold water, as well as to the amount of one’s body that is being bathed. At times it is Rabbinically forbidden […]