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Dear viewer of,
We hope that we find you all healthy and well.

On the eve of the 24th of Teves, the day of the passing of the Alter Rebbe, we stretch our hand to you to partner with us in publishing our work which is dedicated to making the teachings and rulings of the Alter Rebbe available to the English speaking public. What a great resolution you can make on this holy day to partner with what is arguably the world’s leading organized English publication of the Alter Rebbe’s Torah in Halacha.

The Torah articles on our site, and our daily email and WhatsApp broadcast, are provided to you free of charge. Nonetheless, maintaining our website, creating new article content, and producing daily emails and audio messages rich with content, is a high expense and we have thus innovated a subscription option that will give members extra features and help maintain the costs of our work. [It is permitted to use Maaser money towards your subscription, as the goal of payments given is to help maintain this Torah institution and spread the word of Halacha to the masses in ways allowed by new technological advances, hence hailing the time when the Knowledge of Hashem will fill the earth like the water fills the sea.]

With blessing,

Rabbi Y. Goldstein and the entire team!

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