Tikkun Chatzos

Tikkun Chatzos:[1] In the first chapter in Shulchan Aruch Admur discusses the detailed laws of Tikkun Chatzos. It is no longer accustomed amongst most Jewry to perform Tikkun Chatzos[2]  and hence the detailed laws written by Admur have been omitted from this chapter. Nevertheless parts of this Halacha have been […]

Saying Brachos after Davening

May the morning blessings be said after Shacharis?[1] If one davened Shacharis prior to reciting the morning blessings he is to recite all[2] the morning blessings after davening. However there is an opinion which states that the blessing of Elokaiy Neshama should not be recited if one already Davened.[3] Practically, […]

Hearing Brachos from another

Fulfilling ones obligation through hearing the blessings from another person:[1] One does not fulfill his obligation of the morning blessings through hearing them from another person, even if the other person has in mind to fulfill ones obligation. If however one hears the blessings from a Chazan, in the presence […]

Shelo Asani Shifcha

Shelo Asani Shifcha:[1] Some women have the custom to recite the blessing of Shelo Asani Shifcha in place of Shelo Asani Aved.[2] [This is not the widespread Chabad custom, however there are some that say it.[3]]   Shelo Asani Goyah: Some women have the custom to recite the blessing of […]

Sheasani Kirtzono

Sheasani Kirtzono:[1] Women are accustomed to recite the blessing of “Sheasani Kirtzono/That He made me according to his will” [in the place of the blessing of “Shelo Asani Isha”].[2] [See below regarding the Chabad custom in his matter. According to all it is completely forbidden for a woman to say […]

A Convert

Does a person in captivity recite the blessing of Shelo Asani Aved?[1] Even a person in captivity is to recite the blessing of Shelo Asani Aved.[2]   Does a convert say the blessing of “Shelo Asani Goy”?[3]  There are opinions[4] which say that a convert should recite the blessing of […]