Shelo Asani Goy

The blessings of Shelo Asani Goy, Shelo Asani Aved, Shelo Asani Isha:[1] Aside for the above blessings [which cover the physical benefits that one receives on a daily basis] one is also obligated to recite the following three blessings: Shelo Asani Goy[2]; Shelo Asani Aved; Shelo Asani Isha. These blessings […]

Hanosen Layaef Koach

Hanosane Layaef Koach:[1] Is a blessing recited in thanks to G-d for returning a fresh and re-energized soul to one’s body, which is a great act of kindness. This blessing was instituted by the Geonim as a result of the physical weakness which had descended to the world.[2] [1] 46/6; […]

Hanosen Lasechvi Bina

The blessings recited and their corresponding pleasure:[1] Hanosein Lasechvi Binah: Is a blessing said to give thanks to G-d for creating the rooster which awakens man in the morning.[2]   Sparks of Kabala The inner meaning of Hanosein Lasechvy Bina:[3] The spiritual root of the rooster in the world of […]

Delaying Netilas Yadayim

Reciting the blessing after the second washing:[1] After awakening in the morning one is to wash his hands [near his bed] without saying a blessing, immediately[2] proceed to use the bathroom, and [immediately] after leaving the bathroom he is to wash his hands a second time and recite the blessing […]

When to say Birchas Hashachar

When are the morning blessings to be recited; at home or in Shul? The ruling in Shulchan Aruch: Al Netilas Yadayim; Asher Yatzar; Elokaiy Neshama:[1] These three blessings are to be recited immediately upon awakening as explained in Chapter 6. Hanosen Lasechvi Binah through Hagomel Chassadim Tovim:[2] These blessings were […]

Birchas Hashachar

What is Birchas Hashachar?[1] Birchas Hashachar is a list of daily blessings instituted by the Sages to be said as a blessing to G-d in accordance to the typical daily pleasures that people benefit from. The blessings were instituted to be said at the time that one first receives these […]