Modeh Ani

  Saying Modeh Ani:[1] Immediately upon awakening, even prior to washing ones hands[2], it is proper to[3] [accustom oneself[4] to] say Modeh Ani.[5] [This is done in order to remember that Hashem is standing over him and motivate him to get up with alacrity.[6] Alternatively it is done in order […]

Shevisi Hashem

Thinking of being in G-d’s constant presence: To think of G-d immediately upon awakening:[1] [Immediately upon awakening, in order for one to overcome his inclination and motivate himself to get out of bed with alacrity[2]], he should [accustom himself to immediately[3]] think about who he is lying before and how […]

Waking like a Lion

Waking up on time:[1] One should be strong like a lion and overcome his desire [to continue sleeping] by waking [from his sleep[2] some time[3]] prior to the morning [dawn[4]] in order to serve G-d [which is the purpose of his creation and it is for this reason that his […]

Bold as a Leopard

  Introduction The Tur begins the first law of his noted work “Arba Turim” with a quote of the Mishneh in Avos[1]. This Mishneh is a general description of the conduct a Jew is to emulate throughout his life. These matters to be listed are fundamental pillars in successful service […]