Challah: Name & Shape

  The name Challah: Bread in Hebrew is called Lechem while the separated dough is called Challah. It is customary to call the Shabbos bread Challah in order to serve as a reminder to women to separate Challah from the dough.[1] In previous times it was common in many communities […]

Hafrashas Challah 3

Separating Challah: How much dough is one to separate:[1] One is to separate one Kezayis [approximately 28 grams[2]] of dough. If one separated less than this amount it is nevertheless valid. Saying the blessing? One is to designate an area from the dough that the Challah will be separated from. […]

Hafrashas Challah 2

The amount of dough needed to separate with a blessing: One may only separate Challah with a blessing if he has 1,666.6 grams of flour.[1] If one has less than this amount but more than 1,250 grams[2] he is to separate Challah without a blessing.   [1] Shiureiy Torah Chapter […]

Hafrashas Challah 1

Separating Challah:[1] The greatness of the Mitzvah:[2] The Mitzvah of separating Challah is very great. It corresponds in Gematria to all 613 Mitzvos.[3] In merit of this Mitzvah blessing is found in one’s home and livelihood[4] and women are protected during childbirth.[5] In merit of this Mitzvah we were granted […]

Baking Challah

Baking Challahs:[1] It is customary for every household to bake Challahs for Shabbos which are used for Lechem Mishneh and not to buy them at the bakery as is done during the week. This matter of baking one’s own Challah is included in the honoring of Shabbos and Yom Tov […]