Dressing salad on Shabbos

Salting salad on Shabbos:[1] All foods which salt helps to change its natural state[2], [such as] to soften[3] it or harden[4] it or remove its bitterness and other [changes] of the like, which includes all foods which are commonly pickled, may only be salted one piece at a time[5], and […]

Cemetery on Shabbos

Times that one is not to visit a cemetery:[1] One is to avoid visiting a cemetery on Rosh Chodesh[2], Shabbos and Yom Tov.[3] However practically today the custom has become to visit graves on Rosh Chodesh.[4] However one is not to recite the Maaneh Lashon or other lamentations, although he […]

Tehillim Shabbos Mevarchim

When is the main time of saying Tehillim?[1] The recital of Tehillim is to be done specifically prior to Shacharis.[2]   Does Tehillim of Shabbos Mevarchim push off Davening with a Minyan? On Shabbos Mevarchim, is one to finish the recital of Tehillim before Davening even if this will cause […]

Forbidden speech on Shabbos

Speaking of forbidden matters on Shabbos: Those matters which are forbidden to do on Shabbos, whether Biblically or Rabbinically, are forbidden for one to speak about doing them after Shabbos.[1]   One may not say: Tomorrow I am traveling tomorrow to this and this city.[2] Tomorrow I will cook this […]

Shabbos Shira

Shabbos Shira Standing for Shira:[1] The custom is to stand for the reading of Shira.   Zeicher/Zecher:[2] There is dispute amongst Poskim[3] as whether one is to read Zeicher Amalek or Zecher Amalek. Practically one is to read both dialects.[4] By the reading of Parshas Zachor [and Parshas Ki Seitzei] […]

Iskafya on Shabbos

  Should one do “Iskafya[1]” on Shabbos and refrain from delving into lavish delicacies?[2] It is clear that both on the Halachic[3] and esoteric[4] aspects of the Torah it is a Mitzvah to embellish in Oneg Shabbos, by eating delicacies and drinking fine beverages, and the concept of sanctifying oneself […]

Kavod Shabbos

Kavod Shabbos: Wearing clean [and elegant] clothing was defined by the Sages as the requirement of the Mitzvah of honoring Shabbos.[1] The following sub-categories fall under this Mitzvah: Baking Challahs for Shabbos, as opposed to buying them from a bakery, is included in Kavod Shabbos and Yom Tov.[2] (Likewise even those which […]

Oneg Shabbos

What matters are included within the Mitzvah of Kavod and Oneg Shabbos? Oneg Shabbos: Eating delicacies of food and beverages[1] was defined by the Sages as the requirement of the Mitzvah of Oneg Shabbos[2] and it is the main aspect of Oneg.[3] The following sub-categories are included within this Mitzvah: […]