Understanding Hashgachas

How is it possible for stores to provide produce in a Shemitah year? There are various options used by Hashgacha companies in providing produce towards the law abiding consumers. Gidul Nachrim [Is followed by the Eida; not followed by Benei Brak Hashgachas] Oatzer Beis Din [Used by some Mehadrin Hashgachas; […]

Misc Laws of Shemitah

Misc Laws of Shemitah Giving Shemitah produce to a gentile:[1] It is forbidden to give Shemitah produce to a gentile.[2] May one offer a gentile in one’s home Shemitah food to eat?[3] Yes.   May one give Shemitah produce to one who will not treat it with Kedushas Sheviis? This […]

Kedushas Sheviis

Discarding Shemitah produce-Forbidden to destroy, cause loss or damage: It is forbidden to cause loss or damage to Shemitah produce.[1] It is however permitted to cause indirect loss to Shemitah produce.[2] Shemitah garbage: It is forbidden to discard Shemitah produce within a regular garbage bag as doing so is a belittlement […]

Gidul Nachrim

Gidul Nachrim-Produce of a gentile grown in Israel:[1] It is disputed amongst the Poskim as to the Kedusha status of products grown in Gentile owned lands within Eretz Yisrael. Some Poskim[2] rule that fruits grown by a gentile in Eretz Yisrael do not have a status of Shemitah produce, as […]


Sefichin:[1] All vegetation and plants that grew during Shemitah are Rabbinically forbidden to be eaten. This prohibition is called Sefichin. The prohibition includes any vegetation or grains that grew, even from seeds that fell the previous year, and certainly towards vegetation that was planted intentionally.[2] Fruits of a tree: Fruits […]

Shemitah Produce

Laws relevant to Shemitah produce? The following laws apply towards Shemitah produce: Must be disowned from one’s land Sefichin: All non-tree produce grown during Shemitah is forbidden to be eaten Forbidden to destroy Shemitah produce. Forbidden to do business with Shemitah produce. Forbidden to bring Shemitah produce to Diaspora. Forbidden […]

The Forbidden Melachos 2

Planting: A. What items are forbidden to be planted during Shemitah? It is forbidden to plant any produce during Shemitah. This includes:[1] Fruits Vegetables Non-fruit baring trees[2] Roses Flowers Grass   B. May one ask a gentile to plant for oneself?[3] It is forbidden to ask a gentile to plant […]

The Forbidden Melachos

1. The Biblical Melachos:[1] It is Biblically forbidden to perform any of the following Melachos during [Biblical] Shemitah: Seeding [Zeria] Harvesting [Ketzira or Betzira] Pruning [Zemira] Plowing[2][Charisha] Planting [Netia]     2. The Rabbinical Melachos: It is Rabbinically forbidden to perform any of the following Melachos [even during Biblical Shemitas]: […]