Hearing both sides of an argument

 This Halacha is published in our Sefer “Topics in Practical Halacha” Volume 2 Hearing the claims of each side in the presence of the other side:[1] A. Introduction: Monetary claims are a basic aspect of day to day business dealings and interaction with others. These claims must be brought before […]

When may a widow or divorcee remarry

Todays Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy Here How long must a widow or divorcee wait to remarry? A. Not pregnant and not after birth:[1] All widows and divorcee’s must wait 90 days from after the divorce, or death of the husband, prior to remarrying [Kiddushin/Nissuin].[2] This applies even […]

Tattoos in Halacha

Tattoo:[1] It is Biblically forbidden to make a Tattoo on one’s skin.[2] Definition-How its done: The tattoo [that is forbidden by the Torah] is made by making a cut in one’s skin and then filled it with sand or ink or other pigments that leave a mark.[3] Alternatively, one first […]

Couples showing affection in public

Public affection: Couples showing affection in public:[1] Some Poskim[2] rule it is forbidden even for a couple to affectionately touch each other in front of other people.[3] [Thus, one may not hold hands, dance, hug, or kiss in public. Practically, so is the final ruling[4], and so is the custom […]