Positions of bed in bedroom

Which direction should one face upon sleeping?[1] From North to South:[2] Just as it is forbidden for one to face East or West when having a bowel movement, similarly it is forbidden to sleep facing East or West with one’s wife together in bed, when one has intention to have […]

Check cashing services and Ribis

Using check cashing services: Using a check cashing service is for all purposes similar to selling a loan to a third party, and follows all the restrictions relevant to it. The difference between cashing a check by a bank and by a check cashing service is that by a bank, […]

Giving a loan without documentation

The requirement to have legal proof of the loan:[1] It is forbidden for a lender to give a loan without receiving a form of legal testimony of its occurrence.[2] This applies even if the borrower is a Torah Scholar ]and is thus a trustworthy person].[3] Thus, one must either have […]

Sending Presents to women

May a man send a present to a woman? One is to avoid sending gifts to a widow or any single woman.[1] Likewise, some Poskim[2] rule one is to avoid sending gifts to a married woman due to Sheilas Shalom.[3] However, when doing so without any intent of affection, such […]

Causing a Parent to bleed

Hitting one’s parents:[1] One who hits his father or mother during their lifetime is liable for the death penalty of strangulation. This applies whether to a son or a daughter. However it only applies if blood was drawn through the hit. If however blood was not drawn through the hit, […]