The month of Nissan

    Changes in prayer-Omitting Tachanun and other prayers of supplication in the month of Nisan:[1] The custom in these provinces is that throughout the month of Nissan the following prayers are omitted from Davening: Tachanun is omitted daily. Vehu Rachum [added in Tachanun on Mondays and Thursdays] is omitted on Mondays […]

Cleaning for Pesach 3

    Checking ones clothing for Chametz:[1] Every person must be careful to check his clothing and shake his gloves and pockets of his clothing, and of his children’s, as at times one enters Chametz into them.[2] However this only applies for one who is accustomed to at times place Chametz […]

Cleaning for Pesach 2

Does one have to destroy Chametz that is found on a high surface such as on top of a closet or bookcase?[1] One is obligated to destroy a Kezayis of Chametz even if it is found on a very high surface.[2] [Furthermore even less than a Kezayis should be destroyed.[3]] The […]

Cleaning- Where & How?

    The obligation to clean one’s house from Chametz: The Biblical obligation:[1] Biblically, if one nullifies his Chametz and disowns it prior to the 6th hour he is not required to clean his house from Chametz, and the Chametz may rather remain in his home throughout the entire Pesach.[2] If one […]

When traveling

Traveling: Bedikas & Mechiras Chametz when traveling from home   Note 1: When planning to Sell ones Chametz [In all the cases below that one is obligated to check his home before leaving, this does not apply if he will be selling his home to a gentile on the 14th.  It […]

Prohibition of Chametz

    The detailed commands and prohibitions: Tashbisu-The command to destroy Chametz:   The positive command for one to destroy his chametz begins to apply at midday of Erev Pesach.     Baal Yiraeh and Baal Yimatzei-The negative command against owning Chametz:   The negative command against owning Chametz begins […]

What is Chametz?

Introduction: There are a number of different commands and prohibitions regarding the owning and eating of Chametz on Pesach. There is a positive command to destroy Chametz, two negative commands not to own Chametz, a negative command against eating or benefiting from Chametz, and a Rabbinical command to search one’s […]

Matzah within 30 days

Matzah within 30 days before Pesach: It is our custom to refrain from eating Matzah for thirty days before Pesach, beginning on Purim.[1] [Others[2] have the custom to avoid eating Matzah from Rosh Chodesh Nissan.Others[3] only abstain from eating Matzah from the night before the Seder, which is the night of the 14th.. […]

Thirty days & Play dough

Other matters which begin to apply thirty days before Pesach? It is proper to beware from using Chametz in a way that will be difficult to remove on Erev Pesach.[1]   Giving children play dough within thirty days before Pesach: Many varieties of Play dough are made of actual Chametz.[2]The […]