Traveling to Jerusalem

To browse the Purim database, click here A. Lives in a city of 14th and traveled to a city that celebrates on the 15th [i.e. Jerusalem]:[1] Plans to leave the city which celebrates on the 15th before Alos of the 15th: One who lives in a city that celebrates on the 14th […]

Seudas Purim

      Purim Seuda:     It is a Mitzvah to eat a lavish and festive meal on Purim. This Mitzvah is a Biblical command, as rejoicing on Purim is from the words of Scripture which has the same power as the words of Torah. One fulfills his obligation […]

Matanos Laevyonim

    Matanos Laevyonim: The Mitzvah: Every Jew is obligated to give at least two presents to two paupers, [one present to each pauper]. Who is obligated? Both men and women are obligated in the Mitzvah of Matanos Laevyonim. Married women are to be stringent to give Matanos Laevyonim on behalf […]

Mishloach Manos

  The reason behind sending Mishloach Manos:[1]     The reason why the Sages instituted sending gifts on Purim is disputed amongst Poskim. The following are the opinions and practical ramifications.           Opinion of Manos Levi[2]-Increase friendship:     Some Poskim[3] rule the purpose of Mishloach Manos […]

Megillah reading

Megillah Reading Who is obligated in the Megillah reading? Every Jew is obligated in the Megillah reading. This obligation includes women. Children [boys and girls, who have reached the age of Chinuch], are educated to hear the Megillah once by night and once by day. When is it read? One […]

Rosh chodesh Adar

To browse our Rosh Chodesh Database-please click here   Marbim Besimcha:[1] One is to increase in joy throughout the month of Adar.[2] [Hence one is to rejoice himself, his wife and children during this month, similar to the Mitzvah of rejoicing them on Yom Tov.[3] Included in this Mitzvah is increasing in all matters […]

Parshas Zachor & Zayin Adar

    Zayin Adar:  Moshe Rabbeinu was born and passed away on Zayin Adar.[1]One is to increase in joy on this day.[2] Some are accustomed tofast.[3] This is not the Chabad custom.[4] However one should increase in charity on this day in exchange for the fast.[5] Some do not say Tachanun on this day.[6]   Parshas […]