Sechach & Daled after Sukkos

What is one to do with the Sechach and Daled Minim after Sukkos? A. The Sukkah:[1] After Sukkos one is not required to bury the wood used for Sechach and it may be used and benefited from for any purpose that one desires. Nevertheless it is proper to beware not […]

Hadasim Meshulashim

Meshulash/Three Leaved:[1] The Torah states that the Hadas must be braided. This means that there are three leaves that extend from each area of the branch and that these three leaves are symmetric to each other that they extend from the same horizontal line. If two leaves are symmetric but […]

Daled Minim

  Checklist of what to look for when purchasing Daled Minim: The following is a list of matters one is to look for to purchase a Kosher and Mehudar set of Daled Minim.   Esrog: It is a Calabria Esrog from Italy [not Kfar Chabad]. Verify there are no missing […]

Building the Sukkah

Building the Sukkah   1. The reason behind dwelling in a Sukkah:[1] The reason G-d commanded us to sit in a Sukkah for shade is so we recall the miracles and wonders done for us in the desert, in which the clouds of glory[2] surrounded us for shade, as protection […]