Megilas Antiochus-Background, Authenticity, and Content

Megilas Antiochus-Background, Authenticity, and Content:[1] Megillas Antiochus is a historical record of the events that surrounded the Chanukah miracle. Its various names: Megillas Antiochus is also known by the names of: Megillas Chanukah, Megillas Beis Chashmonai[2], and Megillas Yevanis. Its authenticity: The Megillah is quoted in classical scholarly literature of […]

Safety precautions for Chanukah lighting

Safety precautions for Chanukah lighting-Relevant laws: A. Introduction: Unfortunately, the month of December is recorded to have the greatest number of house fires throughout different countries in the world, many of which are attributed towards religious lightings which were left unsupervised. Being irresponsible with the supervision of a flame endangers […]