Parshas Behalosecha-Summary, Torah Or, Likkutei Sichos, Video Shiurim; Halachos

  Parshas Behalosecha-Summary of Parsha 1) The Menorah 2) The Karban Pesach in the desert: 3) Pesach Sheiyni Click Here Parshas Behalosecha-Parsha Bee Not Available Parshas Behalosecha-Parsha Insights Not Available Parshas Behalosecha-Mamar Likkutei Torah The story of the Slav Click Here Parshas Behalosecha-Selected Teachings from Likkutei Torah Not Available Parshas […]

Electricity on Yom Tov

* This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer Buy Now! Print & Kindle *As an Amazon Associate I earn from  qualifying purchases. WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Telegram Sign up for Daily Distribution Sponsor an Episode Electricity Electricity on Yom Tov:[1] It is forbidden to use electricity on Yom Tov […]

Parshas Bamidbar: Summary, Likkutei Torah, Likkutei Sichos, Halachos

Parshas Bamidbar-Summary of Parsha Hashem commands Moshe to take a census of the Jewish people Click Here Parshas Bamidbar-Parsha Bee Not Available Parshas Bamidbar-Parsha Insights Not Available Parshas Bamidbar-Mamar Likkutei Torah Matan Torah Click Here Parshas Bamidbar-Selected Teachings from Likkutei Torah Not Available Parshas Bamidbar-Likkutei Sichos The negative and positive […]