Cutting Hair and Peiyos


What number haircut may one take in the area of his Peiyos? To how short may the hair in the area of the Peiyos be cut?[1]

It is only forbidden to cut the hairs, in the area of the Peiyos, together with a razor.[2] However there are opinions[3] that also forbid cutting the hair with scissors, if the outcome will be similar to a razor. Practically one is to be stringent like their opinions.[4] [Some[5] opinions say that this is defined as each hair being long enough to be folded over and touch its root.[6] This is approximately the length of a .5 centimeter, which is the equivalent of a number 2 haircut. Others[7] suggest that any amount suffices so long as it does not look like it was cut with a razor. Hence according to them one may take a number 1 haircut.]


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