Daily Chumash Bechukosaiy Friday – Ancestral Field

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  • Purchased Field: One who donates his purchased field to Hashem, its value [of redemption] is to be based on the amount of years remaining until the Yovel. That sum is to be given as Hekdish to Hashem. In the Yovel year that field is to return to its original owner.
  • Bechor Beheima: A firstborn from one’s livestock, ox or sheep is not to be sanctified as it belongs to Hashem. One is not to sanctify a Bechor to the Temple. If the animal is impure, it is to be redeemed according to its value, and if the owner desires to redeem it, he is to add 20% to its price.
  • Cherem: All property that will be declared segregated to Hashem, whether from an animal or field, is not to be sold or redeemed. It is a Kodesh Kodoshim for Hashem.

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