Daily Chumash Bechukosaiy Thursday – Ancestral Field

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  • Ancestral Field: One who donates his ancestral field to Hashem, its value is to be 50 silver Shekel per every area of land that a Chomer of barley can be sowed. Now, if the field was donated by the start of the Yovel, then the above is its value. However, if it was donated after the Yovel, then the Kohen is to sell it based on the amount of years remaining until the Yovel and subtract it from its total value. If the original owner desires to redeem it, he is to add an extra 20% to its value and it shall then be his. If the owner does not redeem his field and it is sold to another, it may no longer be redeemed. It becomes the property of the Kohen when the Yovel arrives.

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