Daily Chumash Behalosecha Monday: The years of service of the Levites

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  • After the above process is complete the Levites shall serve in the Ohel Moed as the representatives of Bnei Yisrael, having been redeemed in exchange for the firstborns, and given to the Kohanim.
  • Moshe, Aaron and the Jewish people did to the Levites as they were instructed, and the Levites were purified, had their clothing immersed, and were waved.

  1. The years of service of the Levites:
  • The Levites are to serve in the service of the Ohel Moed beginning from 25 years of age until 50 years of age. They are to retire from this service at age 50 but they shall serve as a safeguard in the Ohel Moed.

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