Daily Chumash Behalosecha Shabbos – Miriam and Aaron speak against Moshe

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  • The Slav arrive: Hashem brought a wind that carried with it the Slav pheasant birds from the sea. They swarmed the camp for the distance of one day’s travel from each direction. They were approximately two Amos height from the ground. That entire day and night and next day the nation collected the Slav. The least that a person gathered was ten heaps worth of Slav. The [dead] birds were spread and piled throughout the camp. While the people ate the bird, while the meat was still in between their teeth, the wrath of Hashem smote them and many died. That area was named “Kivros Hataavah,” as in the area was buried the people who were craving.
  • From Kivros Hatava the nation traveled to Chatzeiros.

  1. Miriam and Aaron speak against Moshe:
  • The slander: Miriam and Aaron spoke regarding the black woman that Moshe married saying that it is not only to him that Hashem speaks but also to them [and hence why is he celibate]. Hashem heard, and Moshe was the humblest man on earth.
  • Hashem punishes Miriam with Tzaraas: Hashem suddenly appeared and summoned Moshe, Aaron and Miriam to come to the Ohel Moed. Hashem asked for Aaron and Miriam, and explained to them that Moshe is unlike anyone else in prophecy as “I speak to Him face to face without any riddles and he sees the image of G-d constantly. Why then did you not fear speaking against My servant Moshe.” Hashem’s anger flared up and He left. When the cloud ascended from the Ohel Moed, Miriam was stricken with Tzaraas as white as snow and Aaron noticed. Aaron asked Moshe for forgiveness and to have mercy on their sister. Moshe screamed to Hashem in supplication that He should heal her. Hashem instructed for her to be placed outside the camp for seven days. The camp did not travel during those days until Miriam’s return.
  • They then traveled from Chatzeiros to Midbar Paran.

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