Daily Chumash Behalosecha Sunday: The inauguration process for the Levites

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  1. The Menorah:
  • Hashem spoke to Moshe saying: Tell Aaron that the seven candles of the Menorah are to be lit facing towards the Menorah. Aaron did as Moshe instructed. The Menorah was made of a pure block of gold, as Hashem showed Moshe.

  1. The inauguration process for the Levites:
  • Hashem spoke to Moshe saying: Take the Levites for Hashem from amongst the Jewish people. Purify them through sprinkling on them purification waters and shaving all their hair off their skin. They are to immerse their garments and then become pure.
  • Their Karban: They are to take a young bull [as an Olah] and its Mincha of flour mixed with oil, and a second young bull as a Chatas.
  • Semicha to the Levites: All the Levites, together with all the Jewish people, are to be brought before the Ohel Moed, and the Jewish people will lean their hands on the Levites.
  • Waving: Aaron will waive the Levites before Hashem and they shall perform their service.
  • Semicha to the animals: The Levites shall rest their hands on the heads of the bulls, and one is to be offered as a Chatas while the second as an Olah.

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