Daily Chumash Behalosecha Wednesday: The order of traveling in the desert

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  1. The order of traveling in the desert:
  • On the day the Mishkan was erected the cloud covered it. At night, a fire appeared on the Mishkan until the morning. The Jewish people would travel upon the cloud ascending from the Ohel, and they would encamp in the area where the cloud would settle. At times they remained encamped for many days and at times for only one day. They traveled and encamped according to the word of G-d.
  1. Blowing the trumpets:
  • Hashem spoke to Moshe saying that he should make two trumpets of pure silver to be used to gather the congregation, and to announce the time to travel.
  • Signal for gathering: If you blow a Tekia using both of them, this is a sign for the congregation to gather by the entrance of the Ohel Moed. If you blow [a Tekia using] one trumpet, this is a sign for the tribal leaders to gather.
  • Signal for traveling: If you blow a Teruah, short blasts, it is a sign for traveling. By the first Teruah, the eastern camp is to travel. By the second Teruah, the southern camp is to travel. The trumpets are to be blown by the Kohanim.
  • Signal for G-d during war: During war against your enemies, a Teruah should be blown from the trumpets and Hashem will remember you and save you from your enemies.
  • During Holidays: On days of joy and holidays and Rosh Chodesh you shall blow the Shofar during the sacrifices and it will be a remembrance for you before Hashem.

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