Daily Chumash Behar-Shabbos-Jewish slave sold to gentile

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  1. Jewish slave sold to gentile:
  • Redeeming the slave: If a Jew becomes impoverished and is sold as a slave to a gentile, he is to be redeemed. It is a Mitzvah upon his relatives, such as his uncle or cousin or other family relative, to redeem him. If the slave himself has the means to do so, then he is to redeem himself. The price for the redemption is to be based on the amount of years remaining until the next Yovel. If many years remain until the Yovel then he is to be sold for a larger sum, if only a few years remain until the Yovel he is to be sold for a smaller sum, as one is not selling the slave himself but is hiring him for a certain sum of years.
  • Hard labor: One may not allow the gentile to make the Jewish slave work laborous activity.
  • Yovel: If the salve is not redeemed, he is to be set free by the Yovel year.
  • The Jewish people are my slaves who I took out of Egypt.


  1. Idolatry, statues, and stone floors:
  • One may not form idols for himself or build statues and pillars. One may not make stone floors in the land for the sake of prostration.


  1. Guard the Shabbos and fear the Mikdash:
  • Guard my Shabbosos and revere the Mikdash, I am G-d.

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