Daily Chumash Behar-Thursday-Selling and redeeming ancestral fields

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  1. Selling and redeeming a house:
  • Walled city: If a man sells a house that is within a walled city, then it can be redeemed only within the first year of the sale. If it was not redeemed within the first year, it becomes the property of the buyer and remains with him forever, even after Yovel.
  • Unwalled city: If, however, the city is unwalled, it may be redeemed until the Yovel. If it was not redeemed before the Yovel, then when the Yovel arrives it is to be returned to its owner.

  1. Selling and redeeming Levite property:
  • Houses of Levites: The houses of Levites found within their cities retain eternal redemption rights by the Levites and they hence may be redeemed at any time. If they are not redeemed they are to be returned to their original Levite owner by Yovel.
  • Levite fields: The open fields of the city of the Levites may never be sold, as it is an eternal heritage for them.

  1. The Mitzvah of Charity and lending money without interest:
  • If your brother becomes impoverished, you shall support him so that he can live with you.
  • Ribis: One is not to collect interest from the loan to the pauper and you shall fear G-d and allow your brother to live with you. Do not lend him money with interest. I am Hashem your G-d who took you out of Egypt, to give you the land of Canaan.

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