Daily Chumash, Friday, 25th Kisleiv: Yosef is imprisoned



  1. Potifar’s wife attempts to lie with Yosef:
  • After the above events, the wife of Potifar placed her eyes on Yosef and asked him to lay with her. He refused, stating that his master has trusted him with everything in the home, and has given him everything except for her. How then can he do such a great evil and sin towards G-d. She tried daily to convince Yosef to be with her, although he refused.
  • One day, Yosef came home and there was no one home. The wife grabbed Yosef by his coat, commanding him to lie with her. Yosef slipped out of his coat, leaving it with her, and fled outside. When she saw that Yosef left his coat with her, she screamed for help of her household, saying that the Jewish boy attempted to lie with her. “When I screamed, he left his coat with me and ran away.” She remained with the coat until his master returned home. She told him that Yosef attempted to lie with her, and when she screamed he ran away, and left his coat.


  1. Yosef is imprisoned:
  • Yosef’s master imprisoned him. Hashem was with Yosef in the prison and he found favor in the eyes of the warden.
  • The warden appointed Yosef in charge of all the other prisoners, and he would direct their activities. The warden trusted him as G-d was with him.

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