Daily Chumash Friday, 3rd Teves: The brothers are invited for a meal in the house of Yosef



  1. The brothers are invited for a meal in the house of Yosef:
  • After Yosef saw Binyamin and he told his home manager to invite the men for an afternoon meal. He did as he was told, and the men entered the home of Yosef.
  • The brothers fear accusation of robbery: The brothers feared that they are being brought to the home of the leader to be accused of stealing the money that was found in their sack, and be taken as slaves. They approached the manager of the home and spoke to him by the entrance, explaining to him that they had not stolen the money, and they had brought back with them the money found in their sacks, as well as other money’s. The manager told them not to worry, as their money was received, and G-d had placed them a treasure in their sacks.
  • The hospitality and greeting of Yosef: Shimon was then released to the brothers. The manager entered the men into the home and gave them water to wash their feet, and fodder for their donkeys. The brothers prepared the gift and waited for the return of Yosef in the afternoon. When Yosef returned, they gave him the gift and bowed to him on the ground. Yosef asked them as to how their father is doing. They replied that their father is still alive, and bowed. Yosef raised his eyes and saw Binyamin, his brother, and asked them “Is this the younger brother that you told me about?” Yosef then said “May G-d be gracious to you.”

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