Daily Chumash Friday Shelach – Hafrashas Challah

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  1. The Mitzvah of Hafrashas Challah:
  • Hashem told Moshe to tell the Jewish people that when they enter the land and eat from the bread of the land, they shall set aside a portion for Hashem. The first of the kneading is to be tithed as a Challah for Hashem, similar to the Teruma separation.


  1. Karbanos for unintentional sins:
  • Entire congregation sinned: If the entire congregation performs a sin [relating to idolatry] due to an inaccurate ruling, then they are to bring one bull within its first year as an Olah, and its mincha and libation, and one he-goat as a Chatas. Hashem will forgive the nation.

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