Daily Chumash Monday, 6th Teves: Yosef reveals himself to the brothers



  • When Yaakov will see that Binyamin did not return, he will die.”
  • “I have become a personal guarantor for the return of my brother, let me then sit as a slave in place of my brother, and let the lad return back home with his brothers. How can I return without my brother and witness the evil that will befall my father?”

  1. Yosef reveals himself to the brothers:
    • Yosef could no longer hold himself back and he asked everyone [except for his brothers] to leave his presence, so he could reveal himself to his brothers.
    • Yosef cried and the news was heard in the Egypt and in the house of Pharaoh.
    • Yosef told his brothers “I am Yosef, is my father still alive?” The brothers could not answer him, due to shock. Yosef requested the brothers come forward and repeated and said “I am Yosef your brother who you sold to the Egyptians. Now, do not be saddened or angry that you sold me here, as G-d sent me here to provide food. There has thus far been two years of famine, and another five years remain. Hashem sent me here to support you and give you food.”

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