Daily Chumash Monday Chukas – Miriam passes away

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  • A pure man is to dip Hyssop into the water and sprinkle it onto the tent, on all the vessels, and on all the people that are impure on the 3rd and 7th On the 7th day he is to immerse his clothing and body in water, and he becomes pure at night. If he enters the Temple prior to being purified with the Mei Niddah, he has defiled the Temple and will be cut off from his nation.
  • The impurification of the purifier: One who sprinkles the Niddah water must immerse his garments and one who touches the Niddah water becomes impure until evening.
  • Touching the impure person: Anything the impure person touches becomes impure until the evening.


  1. Miriam passes away:
  • The nation arrived at the desert of Tzin in the first month and they settled in Kadeish.
  • Miriam passed away there in Midbar Tzin and was buried there.


  1. The drought-Mei Meriva:
  • After Miriam’s passing, there was a drought. The nation gathered around Moshe and Aaron and fought with them [complaining that they did not have water]. “If only we would have died with our brothers. Why did you bring the congregation of G-d to this desert to die there, us and our animals? Why did you bring us out of Egypt to this evil place which has no seed or figs, grapes or pomegranates, and there is no water to drink?”
  • Moshe and Aaron left the people and entered the Ohel Moed, and fell on their faces, and Hashem’s glory appeared to them.

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