Daily Chumash Monday-Kedoshim: List of Mitzvos



  • Justice: Do not do injustice. Do not favor a poor man and do not honor a great man in judgment. Judge your fellow righteously.
  • Between man and friend: Do not speak Lashon Hara. Do not standby when Jewish blood is being spilled. Do not hate a fellow Jew in your heart. Reproof a sinner, although do not carry sin in the process [by embarrassing a fellow Jew]. Do not take revenge and do not hold a grudge against a member of your people. Love your friend as yourself.
  • Kilayim: Do not mate two different species of animals. Do not plant two different species of seeds together. Do not wear a garment of wool and linen [i.e. Shatnez].
  • Relations with a Shifcha Charufa: One who sleeps with a Shifcha Charufa, who is a female slave who has not been [fully] redeemed who belongs to another man, is not to be killed. He is to bring a ram as an Asham offering to Hashem, to the Temple. The Kohen is to atone for him with the Asham ram for his sin, and he is to be forgiven.

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