Daily Chumash Monday Korach – Moshe instructs the congregation regarding the Ketores offering

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  • Dasan and Aviram continued saying against Moshe that he has not brought us into the Promised Land, and even if he would have their eyes bulged out, they would not approach Moshe.
  • Moshe’s wrath boiled at such an insidious reply, and he turned to Hashem stating “Do not accept their Ketores offering. I have not taken one donkey from these people and I have not done wrong to any of them.”

  1. Moshe instructs the congregation regarding the Ketores offering:
    • Moshe told Korach that he and his entire congregation are to stand before Hashem tomorrow together with Aaron. Each man is to take a pan filled with Ketores and offer it before Hashem. There would be 250 pans of Ketores being offered [from Korach’s group]. Each of the contestants are to offer the Ketores in their pan.
    • They placed fire in the pan and then placed the incense on top of the fire and brought it before the Ohel Moed. Moshe and Aaron were present.
    • The Shechina appears: Korach gathered his entire group around Moshe and Aaron, in front of the Ohel Moed, and the Shechina then appeared to the entire congregation.

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