Daily Chumash Monday, Teruma: The Shulchan



  • Kapores (Lid) and Keruvim: You shall make a lid of pure gold for the Aron. Its dimensions are to be 2.5 Amos in length and 1.5 Amos in width. You are to make two Keruvim of gold on the opposite ends of the Kapores. The Keruvim are to be made from the gold of the Kapores. The Keruvim are to have wings spread upwards, and are to face each other, and face towards the lid. The Kapores is to be placed on top of the Aron.
  • I will speak with you from above the Kapores, from between the Keruvim.


  1. The Shulchan:
  • Material: Make the Shulchan from acacia-shittim wood.
  • Dimensions: It is to be 2 Amos in length and 1 Amos in width, and 1.5 Amos in height.
  • Its particulars: It is to be coated in gold and contain a gold crown around its rim. It should have a one Tefach frame around its entire circumference, and the frame should have a gold crown around it. It is to contain four welded gold rings, one by each corner, and have two poles made of acacia-shittim wood, and coated with gold, inserted into it for it to be carried with.
  • Its accessories: You are to make pure gold dishes, spoons, tubes and supports.
  • The Lechem Hapanim: You are to always place on the table before Hashem the Lechem Hapanim.

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