Daily Chumash Monday, Vaeira: Moshe and Aaron’s lineage



  1. Moshe and Aaron’s lineage:
    • The following are the heads of the families of the Jewish people:
    • The firstborn is Reuvein. The following are his sons:
      1. Chanoch
      2. Pallu
  • Chetzron
  1. Carmi
  • Shimon had the following sons:
    1. Yemuel
    2. Yamin
  • Ohad
  1. Yachin
  2. Tzochar
  3. Shaul the son of a Canaanite.
  • Levi had the following sons:
    1. Gershon
    2. Kehos
  • Merari
  • Levi lived for a total of 137 years.
  • Gershon had the following sons:
    1. Livni
    2. Shimei
  • Kehos had the following sons:
    1. Amram
    2. Yitzhar
  • Chevron
  1. Uzziel
  • Kehos lived for 133 years.
  • Merori had the following sons:
    1. Machli
    2. Mushi
  • Amram married his aunt Yocheved, and had Aaron and Moshe.
  • Amram lived for 137 years.
  • Yitzhar had the following sons:
    1. Korach
    2. Nefeg
  • Zichri
  • Uzziel had the following sons:
    1. Mishael
    2. Eltzafan
  • Sisri
  • Aaron’s family: Aaron married Elisheva the daughter of Aminadov, and their children were: Nadav, Avihu, Elazar, and Ithamar
  • Korach’s family: The children of Korach were Assir, Elkanah, and Aviasaf.
  • Elazar’s family: Elazar the son of Aaron married one of the daughters of Putiel, and they had Pinchas.
  • These were the leaders of the family of Levi’im.

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