Daily Chumash Shabbos, 4th Teves: The goblet of Yosef is planted in the sack of Binyamin



  • Yosef breaks down crying: Yosef was overcome with emotion of mercy for his brothers and went into a nearby room to cry. He washed his face and came out, restraining himself.
  • The meal: Yosef instructed for the meal to be served. Yosef and the Egyptians was served separately from his brothers, as they could not eat together with them, as doing so is viewed as an abomination in Egypt. Yosef had each brother seated in accordance to their age, and the brothers looked at each other with surprise. Yosef had a portion given to each one, although to Binyamin he gave a portion that was five times the size of the others. They all ate and drank together and became drunk.
  • The goblet of Yosef is planted in the sack of Binyamin: Yosef instructed his home manager to fill their sacks with food and return their money to their sacks. “My silver goblet should be planted in the sack of the youngest brother.” The man did as he was told. In the morning, the brothers were sent off. As soon as they exited the city, Yosef instructed his manager to give chase to them and accuse them of being ungrateful for having stolen his goblet. The manager did as he was told and accused them of stealing. The brothers vehemently denied the accusations, saying that they even returned the money that they found in their sacks, and hence why would they steal anything from the home of the leader. They concluded: “If you shall find the goblet in any of our sacks, that individual will be killed, and we will become slaves to your master.” The man however replied that only the individual whose sack contains the goblet will be held as a slave, while the remainder will be held free of accountability.
  • The goblet is found in the sack of Binyamin and the brothers return to Yosef: The brothers took down their sacks and opened them. The man searched the sacks, beginning with the eldest brother, and concluding with the youngest, and the goblet was found in the sack of Binyamin. They tore their clothing and replaced the sacks on their donkeys to return to the city. Yehuda and his brothers returned to the home of Yosef and fell to their faces. Yosef asked them how they could do such a thing and Yehuda replied that they have nothing to answer, as G-d has found sin with them. Yehuda offered that they all become slaves to Yosef. Yosef replied that it is beneath him to enslave everyone, and rather only the guilty brother will be held as a slave, while everyone else may return home to their father.

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