Daily Chumash Shabbos-Kedoshim: Final Mitzvos and tidings

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  1. Final Mitzvos and tidings:
  • Not to follow the ways of the gentiles: Do not walk in the statutes of the gentiles, as I have despised them. I have inherited their lands to you, a land of milk and honey. I am Hashem your G-d who has separated you from the nations.
  • Kashrus: You shall distinguish between the pure and impure animals and birds. You shall not defile your souls with eating these forbidden animals and birds and the creeping creatures. You are to be holy to me as I am holy and I have separated you from the nations so you be mine.
  • Ov and Yidoni: A man or woman who is an Ov or Yidoni will be killed through stoning.

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