Daily Chumash Shabbos Shemini: Prohibition to eat insects



  • Earthenware vessels: An earthenware vessel that becomes impure due to a carcass falling in it must be broken.
  • Food: All food that contacts liquid [after being detached from the ground] can become impure. Likewise, liquids can become impure.
  • A Mikveh: A spring or well is pure.
  • Carcasses of Kosher animals: The carcasses of Kosher animals likewise give off impurity if one touches them.
  1. Prohibition to eat insects:
  • All creeping creatures on the ground are forbidden to be eaten. Whatever walks on its belly, on four legs, or with many legs is an abomination for you and may not be eaten
  • Do not abominate your souls by eating these creatures, as I am Hashem your G-d and you shall be holy, for I am holy.

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