Daily Chumash Shabbos, Yisro: The nations reaction



  1. The nations reaction:
    • The entire nation saw the sounds and flames, and the sound of the Shofar, and the smoke coming out of the mountain. The nation saw and distanced themselves from the mountain. They asked Moshe to speak to them instead of G-d, lest they die. Moshe assured them not to worry, and that this was done simply to intimidate them against sinning. Moshe then approached the fog, where G-d was staying.
  1. More instructions of Mitzvos:
    • Idols: Hashem instructed Moshe to tell the Jewish people that they have readily seen that Hashem spoke to them from heaven and they shall not make for themselves deities of gold and silver.
    • Altar: “They shall build for Me an altar of earth, to offer on it the sacrifices of Olah and Shlamim, from your flock and cattle. In every place where I will mention My name I will come and bless you.”
    • No metal on stone: If a stone altar is built, it shall not be built from hewed stone, as you have placed your sword on it and defiled it.
    • No steps: Do not walk up steps towards My altar.

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