Daily Chumash Shelach Sunday – Moshe sends spies to Eretz Canaan

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  1. Moshe sends spies to Eretz Canaan:
  • Hashem spoke to Moshe saying that he should send men to tour the promised land of Canaan. One person is to be chosen from each tribe. Moshe did as he was instructed and sent them from the Paran desert to the land of Canaan. All the men in the group were distinguished leaders of Israel.
  • The names of those chosen for the delegation:
    • Reuvein: Shammua Ben Zaccur
    • Shimon: Shafat Ben Chori
    • Yehuda: Kalev Ben Yefuneh
    • Yissachar: Yigal Ben Yosef
    • Ephraim: Hosheia Ben Nun. Moshe called him Yehoshua.
    • Binyamin: Palti Ben Rafu
    • Zevulun: Gaddiel Ben Sodi
    • Menasheh: Gaddi Ben Susi
    • Dan: Ammiel Ben Gemalli
    • Asher: Setur Ben Michael
    • Naftali: Nachbi Ben Vofsi
    • Gad: Geuel Ben Machi.
  • The purpose and instruction of their mission: Moshe sent the above delegation to tour the land of Canaan and he told them to travel from the south and ascend the mountain. They should see the quality of the land, if it is good or bad, and if the nations that dwell on it are strong or weak, few or numerous, and if the cities are fortified or open. They should see if the land is fertile or lean, if it has trees or not. Moshe asked them to bring back with them from the fruits of the land. That period of the year was the time of the ripening of the grapes.

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