Daily Chumash Shelach Tuesday – Hashem’s response

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  • If Hashem desires to bring us, He will bring us there, it is a land of milk and honey. Do not rebel against Hashem, and do not fear the other nations as they will be like bread to us. Their protection has departed, and Hashem will be with us. Do not fear!
  • The entire nation wanted to pelt them with stones, and the glory of Hashem suddenly appeared in the Ohel Moed to all the Jewish people.

  1. Hashem’s response:
  • Hashem responds with a threat of annihilation: Hashem lamented to Moshe of the state of the nation that after all the miracles He has done they still do not believe in Him and anger Him. “I will smite the nation and annihilate them and make a new greater nation from you Moshe.”
  • Moshe’s defense: Moshe pleaded to Hashem not to destroy the nation, as this would cause the Egyptians and other nations to say that You could not conquer the promised land and therefore you made them die in the desert. Now, strengthen Your power “Hashem, Erech Apayim Verav Chesed, Nosei Avon Vapesha Venakei.” Please forgive this nation just as you have forgiven them in Egypt until now. Hashem replied that He agrees to forgive them as requested.
  • The punishment: Nonetheless, the people will not go unpunished. All those who experienced and saw My miracles in Egypt and in the desert and challenged Me ten times and did not heed My voice, they will not see the promised land. However, My servant Kalev, being he was not part of the slanderous report, he will enter the land.
  • Travel: The Amalekites and Canaanites dwelled in the valley, and Hashem instructed the Jewish people to return and journey towards the desert the next day.

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