Daily Chumash Shelach Wednesday – Attempt to conquer Amaleik

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  • Moshe informs the Jewish people of the punishments: Hashem told Moshe and Aaron to inform the Jewish people that their request was granted, and they will die in this dessert. Only Kalev and Yehoshua, as well as their children whom they said would be taken captive, will enter the promised land. Your corpses will drop in this desert and your children will wander for forty years in it to bear your guilt, one year for each day of your journey.
  • The Meraglim die: The spies who spoke slander of the land died in a plague before G-d.

  1. Attempt to conquer Amaleik:
  • Moshe informed Bnei Yisrael of all the above and they entered a deep state of mourning. They arose in the morning and ascended the mountain with intent to repent and enter the promised land. However, Moshe warned them that they would not be successful as G-d does not allow it anymore. They will be smitten by their enemies if they continue, as Hashem is no longer with them. However, they were stubborn and did not listen and ascended the mountain. Moshe and the Aron did not move from the camp. The Amaleikites and Cananites who lived on that mountain annihilated them.


  1. Voluntary Karbanos of a vow and their Mincha and Nesachim:
  • Hashem told Moshe to tell the Jewish people that when they arrive to the land and bring a voluntary offering from the cattle, or flock, due to a vow, or during the festivals, then it should be accompanied by a Mincha offering and wine libations.
  • Sheep: For every sheep you should have a tenth of an Eipha of fine flour for a Mincha, mixed with a quarter of a Hin of oil, and a quarter of a Hin of wine as a libation.
  • Ram: For every ram you should have two tenths of an Eipha of fine flour for a Mincha, mixed with a third of a Hin of oil, and a third of a Hin of wine as a libation.

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