Daily Chumash Summary, Monday, 21st Kisleiv: The plot to kill Yosef



  1. Yosef travels to visit his brothers in Shechem
    • Yosef is sent to Shechem: The brothers of Yosef went to graze the sheep in Shechem. Yaakov asked Yosef to visit his brothers in Shechem, and see as to their wellbeing, and the wellbeing of the sheep, and report back to him. Yosef was sent from the valley of Chevron and arrived in Shechem.
    • Yosef searches for his brothers: A man found Yosef wondering in the field and asked him as to what he is looking for. Yosef replied that he is looking for his brothers “Please tell me where they are grazing the flock.” The man replied: They traveled from here as I heard them say “Let us go to Doson.” Yosef went searching for his brothers, and found them in Doson.
  1. The plot to kill Yosef:
    • The brothers saw Yosef from a distance, and prior to his arrival, plotted to kill him. They told each other “Look, the dreamer is coming. Let us kill him and throw him in one of the pits. We will tell [our father] that a wild animal ate him.” We will then see what will be with his dreams.
    • Reuvein’s plan to save the lad: Reuvein heard of the plot and disguised a plan to save Yosef, and return him to their father. He told them “Let us not smite his soul and murder him. Instead, place him in the pit that is in the desert, and we will not raise a hand on him.”

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