Daily Chumash Summary, Tuesday, 22nd Kisleiv: Yosef is placed in the pit and sold to Egypt

  1. Yosef is placed in the pit and then sold and brought to Egypt:
    • When Yosef arrived to his brothers, they removed his garments, as well as the Kesones Hapassim, and they took him and threw him in the pit. The pit did not have water, it was empty.
    • The sale to the Yishmaeilim: The brothers sat to eat, and they saw a caravan of Yishmaeilim coming from Gilad. The camels were carrying cloves and other good spices, and they were traveling towards Egypt. Yehuda told his brothers “What gain do we have from killing our brother and covering his blood? Lets sell him to the Yishmaeilim, and let our hands not harm him, as he is our brother, part of our flesh.” The brothers consented.
    • The sale to the Midianites: A caravan of Midianites passed and they took Yosef out from the pit and sold him to the Yishmaeilim for 20 silver coins. Yosef was brought to Egypt.
    • Reuvein returns to the pit: Reuvein returned to the pit and saw that it was empty. He tore his clothing and exclaimed to his brothers “The child is not there, and how can I face [my father Yaakov].”


  1. Yaakov is told of Yosef’s death:
    • The brothers took Yosef’s garment and dipped it in the blood of a goat. The garment was then sent to their father Yaakov, asking him to identify the garment of his son. Yaakov recognized the garment and said that a wild animal must have eaten him. Yosef has been devoured. Yaakov tore his clothing and placed on sackcloth. He mourned for his son many days.
    • Comforting Yaakov: All his sons and daughters tried to comfort him, but Yaakov refused to be comforted. He said “I will descend to my grave while still mourning my son.” Yaakov cried over this a lot.


  1. Yosef is sold to Potifar:
  • The Midianites sold Yosef to the Egyptians, to Potifar the head butcher of Pharaoh.

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