Daily Chumash Sunday, 12th Teves: Yaakov meets with Yosef and his sons before his death


Parshas Vayechi

Pesukim: 85 [Siman: פה אל פה]

Haftorah: Melachim 1 2:1-12


Number of Mitzvos:

There are no Positive or Negative commands mentioned in Parshas Vayechi.



  1. Yaakov summons Yosef and requests to be buried in Eretz Yisrael:
  • The length of Yaakov’s years: Yaakov lived in Egypt for 17 years, and he lived for a total of 147 years.
  • As his days of passing were approaching, Yaakov summoned his son Yosef and asked him to place his hand under his thigh and “Perform for me kindness and truth, and do not bury me in Egypt. Please carry me out of Egypt and bury me by my forefathers.” Yosef replied that he will do as requested.
  1. Yosef brings his sons to his father, and is blessed:
  • After the above occurrence, Yosef was told that his father is sick, and he brought to him his sons, Ephraim and Menashe. Yaakov was informed that his son Yosef was arriving, and he strengthened himself to sit on the bed.
  • Ephraim and Menashe are recognized as tribes: Yaakov told his son Yosef that Hashem appeared to him in Luz and blessed him that he will have many offspring. “Now, you should know, your two sons, Ephraim and Menashe, are to me considered like Reuvein and Shimon. However, any children born after them will be part of their tribal name.”
  • Yaakov retells the story of Rachel’s death: “When I traveled from Padan Aram, Rachel died on the journey, on the way to Efrat. I buried her there on the road to Efrat, which is Beis Lechem.”
  1. Yaakov blesses Ephraim and Menashe:
  • Yaakov then looked at the sons of Yosef and asked, “Who are they?” Yosef replied to his father that they are his sons whom G-d has blessed him with. Yaakov asked for the sons to be brought to him, to be blessed.

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