Daily Chumash, Sunday, 27th Kisleiv: Pharaohs dreams:


Parshas Mikeitz

Pesukim: 146 [Siman: יחזקיהו]

Haftorah: Melachim 1 3:15-4:1


Number of Mitzvos:

There are no Positive or Negative commands mentioned in Parshas Mikeitz.




  1. Pharaohs dreams:
  • The first dream: After two years [of Yosef’s imprisonment], Pharaoh had a dream in which he saw himself standing by the Nile. He saw seven beautiful and healthy-looking cows, which were grazing in the land. Seven other cows came out after them, from the Nile. These cows looked very bad, and were thin. They stood next to the [other] seven cows, by the bank of the river. The seven bad and thin looking cows then proceeded to consume the seven good looking and fat cows. Pharaoh then awakened.
    • The second dream: Pharaoh fell back asleep and dreamt another dream. He saw seven healthy and good-looking ears of grain sprouting out from one stalk. He also saw seven thin and withered looking ears of grain, due to the east wind, grow after them. The seven thin looking ears of grain then proceeded to consume the seven healthy and fat looking ears of grain. Pharaoh then awakened, and the dream was [complete].
    • Pharaoh seeks an interpretation of the dream: In the morning, Pharaoh was disturbed, and he summoned all the sorcerers of Egypt and their sages to interpret the dream, and they were unable to do so for him.
    • The Sar Hamashkin [butler] suggests to Pharaoh to summon Yosef to interpret the dream: The chief butler spoke to Pharaoh and mentioned to him the sin that he had once committed against the king and how he was thrown in prison. He told Pharaoh of the entire encounter that occurred in the prison with his dreams, and the dreams of the head baker, and how Yosef accurately interpreted them. “There was a Hebrew lad in the prison, who was a slave to the chief butcher. We told him our dreams, and he interpreted our dreams. Just as he interpreted, so took place, as I was reinstated to my position, while the chief baker was hung.”
    • Pharaoh summons Yosef: Pharaoh sent messengers to summon Yosef. Yosef was removed from the pit. He received a haircut and changed his clothing, and then came to Pharaoh.

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